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Kir Royale Recipe

Kir Royale Recipe

The Kir Royal is the perfect refreshing appetizer to welcome your guests on a sunny day! It only has two main Ingredients and even with a garnish, it is quickly prepared. You can prepare most of it beforehand and enjoy this sweet drink with your guests right away.
I love to prepare the Champagne flutes with fresh berries and the Crème de Cassis before my guests arrive. Served on a silver tray, this quick Cocktail elevates the welcoming experience. As soon as my guests arrive, I pop the chilled Champagne and serve immediately. Here´s what you´ll need to to make this fancy drink:


1 Tbsp Crème de Cassis


Fresh Berries or a lemon twist


How to mix the Kir Royal:

  1. Chill the Champagne: Make sure the Champagne is well chilled before you start. 
  2. Start with Crème de Cassis: Pour the Crème de Cassis into a Champagne flute.
  3. Top with Champagne: Gently fill the glass with Champagne, pouring slowly.
  4. Stir gently (optional): Some may prefer a subtle stir, while others enjoy the distinct flavors without mixing.
  5. Garnish (optional): For a decorative touch, you can garnish by adding fresh berries or a twist of lemon peel.
    Enjoy your Kir Royal: Indulge in the richness of your creation. Cheers!

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